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Product Name:  
Foxwhite Ice Gel Pack Foxwhite cool eyes
Colour: (Single)  
Blue Blue
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98.00 (excl. 5% VAT) 55.00 (excl. 5% VAT)
195.00 (at retail shop) 99.00 (at retail shop)
Foxwhite Pharma Foxwhite Pharma
Brand Name:  
Foxwhite Foxwhite
Health & Fitness Health & Fitness
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Buy 10 Get 1 free Buy 10 Get 1 free

More Information:
  1. Non toxic Gel
  2. Based on unique formula
  3. Tough, flexible & Leakage resistant
  4. With washable belted cotton cover with Velcro-Strap
  5. Retains chill for long duration
  6. Convenient & easy for application
  7. Comfortably place on all part of body
  8. The best for cooling therapy